8500 Model Dometic Replacement Fabric

I had a Dometic 8500 Seriesawning that was unfortunately caught in Superstorm Sandy. Luckily the arms and roller were sturdy enough to withstand the high winds and debris, I opted for the Heavy Duty hardware when I purchased it a while ago. The Fabric, however, was an entirely different story, essentially only leaving the strips that held in on the track. I was searching the web for a place that had a good deal on Dometic brand replacement fabric, only to find that most places wanted an arm and a leg. Then I found Camper Parts World. I couldn’t believe the pricing I ¬†found online, so I gave them a call to ensure they were a real company. To my surprise they were indeed real AND an American company. I told them what I needed, Dometic brand replacement fabric, and they assured me that I could have my replacement in 5-7 days, with FREE SHIPPING. So, I ordered my replacement fabric right on the phone with the gentleman and sure enough, 5 days later had it on my porch and ready to install. The instructions the Replacement Fabric shipped with were incredibly easy to understand, and took me step for step through the simple process of replacing the fabric, though I did need a friend. So there I was, my fabric replaced and my awning functioning again, a mere 5 days out from when my awning was wrecked, and with no noticeable change to my billfold! I can’t thank the folks at Camper Parts world enough for saving me time and money, and getting me back on my feet again. They are a company that not only talk the talk, but walk the walk also, and really care for their fellow Campers, not just put the word “Camper” in their name! Thank you so much!

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