Awning fabrics, everyone ask which one should I purchase  an Acrylic vs Vinyl Awning ?  I purchased my awning fabric through Camper Parts World.  Try to find out  the one that would be best for me was another choice.  The questions I asked my self was is the acrylic worth the extra money.

Acrylic may be more costly but it does have many advantages over the vinyl.

Acrylic is generally woven and breathes, vinyl is a slab of plastic that does not breathe.  Big advantage is heat doesnt get trapped as easily under the acrylic.  Acrylic  stays cleaner and easier to clean. Acrylic does not get moldy and only requires an occasional sweeping to clean it or a light mop. Acrylic is cooler to sit under and lighter in weight.

Acrylic fabric if propertly maintained can still look new after ten years.  Acrylic can last much longer in the long run, the price is a bit more expensive but you will be saving money in the long run.

ACRYLIC  FABRIC  is the best fabric for me!!  Thanks to the sales staff at  help me determine you get more for you money with the acrylic.

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